Blood for Blood

Death House Part 2 - The Murder of Locke

June 27, 2016

The party hurried towards the town of Barovia.


Once again, they encountered the crossroad gallows. This time, everyone saw the phantom image of Crow hanging from the gallows and Saul standing by watching.

Miruna located the tunnel in the bushes and the party descended down the hidden tunnel to the secret Death House entrance. They encountered many dangers: the ghost with a deadly cleaver who protects the entrance to the caves, screaming darkness holding memories of a massacre, a haunted bone pile containing an old locket, an endlessly bleeding message from Strahd, the cavern of the gricks, and finally the ghost of a young Vistani woman at the bottom of the well.

Ascending into the basement of the Death House, the party made their way to the reliquary room and prepared for their battle with the shambling mound which held the remains of their lost friend.


A tough battle later (and Skitter almost being consumed by the shambling mound), the players had recovered a piece of Lance Long Roddington (luckily not the piece for which he was named) and left the house through the grick caverns.

In the town, they sought out Donavich but were unable to find him. A young priest had taken his place at the church. Feeling the press of time before Locke’s curse would activate, the party began the trek back to the windmill.

Tensions came to a head when Locke and Crow reached the gallows once more. The gallows hung empty, but neither could forget the disturbing images they had seen in this hellish place. Ghosts surrounded the pair, silently watching the proceedings. Among the ghosts stood the murdered guard from Vallaki and Donavich. Locke and Crow fought and Locke was slain. Incensed, Skitter and Asher hurried on ahead to deliver Morgantha’s finger and begin the resurrection of Lance. Miruna and Crow burned Locke’s body before continuing on.


At the windmill the next morning, Morgantha resurrected Lance. Miruna and Ezra were called away by their company and departed, taking Crow with them. The party has shattered but there is still a job to do. Will they make it to Krezk and deliver Ireena to safety before tragedy strikes again?


ac_corkill ac_corkill

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