Blood for Blood

Vallaki -> The Windmill

June 24, 2016


The party fled the town of Vallaki, having disrupted the Festival of the Sun, killed a member of the town guard, and refused the request of Lady Wachter to assassinate the Baron. Hurrying on to Krezk, their way was blocked by a pair of werewolf thugs.


Locke was bitten and nearly killed. A raven descended from the trees, transforming before their eyes into a young man. He advised the party to meet with the hags and have the curse reversed before it was too late.

The hag, Morgantha, lives in the Durst windmill. She agreed to remove the curse if the party retrieved her finger from within the depths of the Durst manor and told them she would also make a deal to resurrect Lance if the party was able to recover a piece of the monster that killed him. Since Durst manor is still collapsed after its recent cleansing. Morgantha drew a map leading to a hidden access tunnel through which the party could enter the basement.

Now, the party returns to this wellspring of nightmares, The Death House.



ac_corkill ac_corkill

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