Sergeant Crow

A paladin bound by honor and oaths to Church of Tyr.


Crow is a tall and broad shouldered man with dark, cropped hair. He is dressed with a black tabard to represent his involvement with the Inquisition, but it bears white symbols of Tyr to display his true oath. He is almost never seen without his weapon of choice, the halberd he was given upon his initiation as a paladin. Aside from that, the rest of the gear he carries is position across his belt and backpack, all of which is efficiently packed and placed for ease of access.

After the initial challenges of this journey he now carries multiple wine skins with him wherever he goes.


The few known records on Crow go only back to when he was 17 years of age upon enlistment to the Legion of Tyr in Neverwinter. Since that time he has served in four different campaigns in the service of the legion. His first was within the year of enlistment and in it he fought alongside the Greycloaks of Neverwinter against the King of Shadows’ undead army. Four years following that, he then fought in the Eastern Crusades against the Rakshasa where many of his brothers in arms died at the hands of the demon worshipping cat-people. The paladins in this campaign were particularly targeted by the Rakshasa since their cults specialized in hunting the servants of heavenly gods. Since then Crow has had an overwhelming fear of cats. Soon after the end of this war, the Legion was forced to engage in another campaign in Thay, when fiends began to freely ravage the kingdom. His last campaign was several years later across multiple kingdoms as the chromatic dragons had inexplicably rallied and raged across the land. In this campaign, Crow had proven himself as a capable escort for valuable individuals and was reassigned to the Inquisition for a special case. He was then tasked to escort and monitor the faith of an Inquisitor that had fallen out of favor with the church, Saul Locke.
Over the course of seven years, he has protected Locke and aided in his tasks given by the church. In this time Crow learned that Locke was not a true believer, but still saw the good in him. As such, he has always been lenient with Locke and has trusted him. For Crow, Locke is his oldest and closest friend.
Crow and Lock were then assigned to a mission to investigate Strahd at the request of Locke. This has led them to the lands of Barovia where they have become trapped by the mists surrounding the realm.
After the rather gruesome death of Lance Long Roddington via flattening by Shambling Corpse Mound, Crow has taken up alcoholism. Despite the many horrible deaths he has seen throughout his career, watching a man become as thin as a pancake in six seconds has left Crow with some emotional scarring.
In the town of Vallaki, Crow killed a guard in a fight instigated by Locke. He has since come to question his loyalty to his oath to protect Locke and the implications it may have on his primary oath as a paladin. Upon witnessing Locke draw upon the dark energies of the realm, Crow came to the realization that his friend was not who he appeared to be. Following their second escape of the Death House, Crow confronted Locke and the two came to blows. In this fight, Crow killed Locke and then burned his remains after acquiring Locke’s last letter. In this, Crow has found another task ahead of himself, but is haunted by the actions he has taken so far.

Sergeant Crow

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