Saul Locke

An Inquisitor desperately hunting Strahd in search of answers and vengeance.


DEAD! Saul Locke is a short, average looking man with a great beard and a greater mustache. Rather, they would be great if he ever took care of them. Locke dresses in the traditional garb of an Inquisitor: black on black. Even the buckles and buttons of his garments are blackened iron rather than fine silver. His belt bristles with weapons and bottles. He looks ready to deal with any situation that appears, always under the protective brim of his fine, broadbrimmed traveling hat.


Saul was born, lived a miserable life as a peasant, knew peace and happiness for a brief time, and finally found solace in vengeance. In his twenties his village was brought to the torch and slaughtered by the very hand of Strahd himself. When the smoke cleared the only person left standing was Saul. He had a mission: to seek out Strahd and ask why he was sparred. The church of Tyr gave him the path to vengeance and answers. He finds no comfort in the thought of gods but sees them and their agents as tools to help him deliver law and justice to an unjust world. One day he will have his answers.

Saul Locke

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